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it's done! the car is packed and tomorrow I´m leaving for the EPM 2021! In a few days our exhibition will be shown at the EPM and now it is time for me to say thank you to the members of TEXNET 2. Thank you for believing in me and in this ambitious project! I remember very well that at the beginning an artist, who later didn't take part, asked me what if it doesn't work. My answer was: if I don't try, I'll never know ... Some of the invited artists probably didn't believe in the project ... But then we started with 21 artists! The first few months were very exciting and new. So many interesting and so different works were created. It was a wonderful experience to know that all around the world you have been working for the project. Again and again I could see how surprised and touched we all were to discover the work that was shown. To understand what our origins and our artistic background make up for our work was always moving. At the end it was a very spec
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Suze Termaat

  Since 2018 I am a member of texnet 2 an international art quilt group and now we finally have our first major exhibition in st.Marie aux mines from 16 to 19 September. We are 21 artists and every month we have made 1 or two pieces of work with the theme of the month we are in at that moment, in the end we made a whole of it. In total we have become 427 works of art. On the left a photo of my large work inspired by the rapeseed fields. To the right the winter months. Sinds 2018 ben ik lid van texnet 2 een internationale art quilt groep nu hebben we dan eindelijk onze eerste grote expositie in st.Marie aux mines van 16 t/m 19 September. We zijn met 21 kunstenaars en hebben elke maand 1 of 2 werkstukken gemaakt met het thema van de maand waar we op dat moment in zitten, uiteindelijk hebben we er een geheel van gemaakt. In totaal hebben we 427 kunstwerken gemaakt met zijn allen. Links een foto van mijn grote werk geïnspireerd op de koolzaadvelden. Rechts de wintermaanden.

Olivia Uffer

J ' ai été très heureuse d'être invitée par Juliette Eckel en 2018 et de devenir membre du groupe international textile ′′ Texnet 2 ". Nous sommes 21 artistes d'Europe, des États-Unis, du Canada et d'Australie. Le résultat de notre projet est une collection de 377 œuvres textiles sur le thème d'un ′′ Calendrier textile ". Les deux premières petites courtepointes vues ici feront partie de l'exposition du groupe qui sera présentée lors de la prochaine réunion européenne du Patchwork du 16 septembre au 19 septembre.

Andrea Glittenberg-Pollier

I was very happy to be invited by Juliette Eckel in 2018 and become a member of international textile group “Texnet 2”. We are 21 artists from Europe, United States, Canada and Australia. The result of our project is a collection of 377 textile works on the theme of a “Textile Calendar”. The first two small quilts seen here will be part of the group exhibition which will be show at the next European Patchwork Meeting from September 16th to September 19th. Further I will share 2 pictures of my other textile works.

Susanne Häusermann

  I am delighted to introduce a tiny part of the Textnet2 project, initiated by Juliette Eckel. We are an international group (Europe, North-America and Australia) of textile artists who have collaborated for two years while living apart and working alone. Many of us have never met each other in person. Our project is based on a 12 months calendar. We are excited to announce that the international Carrefour European Du Patchwork en Alsace takes place in September this year and the Nadelwelt Karlsruhe in May 2022.

Christel De Vrij

  I was very happy to be invited by Juliette Eckel , to be part of the international textile group TEXNET 2,( now a few years ago). Textile artists from all over the world working together on the same project. Only having contact through internet: a new turned out to be a wonderfull experience ! I will share 2 works I made for the project: I used a "person" to travel through the months, enjoying the seasons. -JANUARI : although it is cold outside, love and friendship keeps on flowing and keeps us warm. -APRIL : The grass is growing Further I will share 2 pictures of other textile works I made: -A WARM HEART : whatever happens, warm feelings keep us going -A TEXTILE INSTALLATION : old clothing was used to knit a new scarf, also to keep a person warm. The hands can be from anyone..we all can re-use materials.

Monique Gilbert

After been selected twice for “Art Quilt Award” organized by Juliette Eckel in Germany – I joined her projects Texnet 1 and 2. We have members from all over the world. There textile art pieces were first sown on line. Now the newest project can be seen in Alsace, France in September 2021. My work is usually abstract (Samurai series) and made with fabrics from my big collection (homemade, vintage and some commercial). Here are some of my 15cm pieces for Texnet2. and "Samurai with Tsuba" selected for “Opposites Attract”